Motor Boat & Yachting Awards

Motorboat & Yachting Magazine host an award ceremony every year for the best pieces of boat design of the year gone by. It’s our job to ensure the video, social media and photography of the event is as good as it can be.

Motor Boat Awards Event Every year, Motor Boat and Yachting magazine host an event which takes all of the crafts they have reviewed over the last 12 months and give them awards for the best boat designs alongside other industry awards. Usually the event is held after the London Boat Show at London Excell, which means everyone from all over the world is then able to attend the event.

Our Goal: For the Motor Boat Awards we are required to put together a full media package. We are in-charge of the social media, the photography and video on the day and to provide video assets for during the ceremony. Within the marine industry, the motor boat awards are a huge date in the calendar. It is our job to give it the credit it deserves and make it look as good as possible. We do that by taking great images from the event, creating video content that tell a story and putting out insightful and engaging social media posts.

Photography Coverage:

Photography requirements for the Motor Boat Awards are rather varied. They need images which will go on print, on social media, used on there website and to be used by third parties too. Our approach is to take numerous fly-on-wall style documentary images of the event as it is happening. These will be used for supporting images for any written content. We also shoot more formal images of the winners on stage receiving their awards which can be used by the companies that received the awards.

Photography is delivered in both full resolution for print and low resolution for web. We create a cloud-based file location where anybody with a link can download the images. This will ensure the images can be sent quickly and easily and get maximum media coverage.

Social Media Coverage

At events like this we have a designated person who is in charge of all the social media posting. The photographer delivers images on a regular basis, they edit them and pass them to the social media person. Often, an image is taken on a professional camera, by a professional photographer, it’s edited and put out on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram within 10 mins of it happening. This allows us to give a brands audience an experience as if they were there – minus the champagne.

We have a rundown of the types of content which work best at certain events and we use our extensive experience in events social media to drive engagement.

Post-Awards Video Coverage

Over the years we’ve shot a lot of different award ceremony videos and we believe we’ve worked out the recipe for a great events video. We’ve been perfecting it for years and we have an easy solution to creating a video that commands the attention of the viewer, while showing the event off in the best possible way. It also ensures us that the video presenter can quickly and swiftly deliver the pieces to camera so they can get back to the main event.

Sizzle Reel Video

To get people fired up for the main event, we cut together a video which includes a bunch of cover artwork from the Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine alongside the highlights of the last 12 month from the team. Our animation team put this piece together working closely with the editor and art department of Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine.

These type of videos really celebrate the year gone by for the magazine and give the brand the opportunity to sell itself to potential advertised in the room.


Overall, Motor Boat & Yachting are incredibly happy with the content we create and since doing it first in 2016, we have been asked back every single year. We understand their needs and know how to create the content and market their event in the best way possible.

About Motor Boat & Yachting

Motor Boat & Yachting are the flagship marine magazine titles of TiMedia – formerly Time Inc and IPC Magazines. They have a designated team which create comprehensive reviews of various boats and yachts.

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