Hospitality At The Dock Aftermovie

Tabaco Dock London plays host to one of the biggest day in the drum & bass enthusiasts calendar – Hospitality At The Dock. Our friends at Hospital Records wanted us to create an afterrmovie which could be used after the event and to promote next year too.


Every year, Hospital Records host an event in London’s Tobacco Dock. The brief was simple – to shoot and edit a 2 minute video which can be across social media channels and to promote future events


Our idea was to create a video which encapsulates the atmosphere of the Hospitality At The Dock event. The client wanted the video to go out quickly while the event the hype around it will still strong. Our challenge was to shoot something we could edit fast and stay within budget.

We would have loved to have followed groups of people through their journey at Hospitality At The Dock, film breakout interviews with attendees and have a crew on every stage but that would be too costly, take too much time and probably be a little excessive for the purpose of this video.


Instead of a real-time account of the event, we opted to shoot retrospective video coverage which goes chronologically from arriving to leaving later that night… and the joyous hedonism in-between. Tom Mullett from Hosptial Records, cut together two audio tracks for us to edit to in order to create the film. The contract between the two tracks beautifully transitions the day-time vibes with the night.  

In order to keep costs down, we carefully planned our shots to allow us to send 1 person to capture all of the video content on the night. Armed with a rundown of the event timings, a meticulous shot list we were able to hop from room to room and capture everything we wanted.

By the morning of the event, the video footage was being edited and a draft version was delivered within 24 hours of the events finish.


By the morning of the event, the video footage was being edited and a draft version was delivered within 24 hours of the event finishing. We turned it around with haste and after a few minor revisions it was ready to publish.

It was incredibly well received by the audience reaching over 50,000 people on facebook and getting 1000+ comments and likes.

However, the real value of this content to the brand was the ability to repurpose it for later on. We captured key shots which have been used across various pre-sale adverts, sign-up videos and other pieces of video content.

When you work smart, video content really does go a long way!

About Hospital Records

Client: Hospital Records is an independent record label and one of the most influential names in Drum & Bass. They have singed some of the biggest names in the scene such as High Contrast, London Elektricity, Netsky, Danny Byrd, Camo & Krooked, Logistics, Nu:Tone, Fred V & Grafix and Cyantific, but also releases tracks from a whole host of other artists across the D+B genre. In recent years they have expanded their events to include their own festival stages, multi-stage events and even a festival of their own. See more detail about them here

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