Deliveroo + MeatLiquor PR Campaign

We created visual content to support Hope & Glory PR with their “Ecstatic Meal” campaign for Deliveroo in partnership with MEATLiquor, Kings Cross

Hope & Glory PR came up with the idea to brighten up a bleak-looking January with an “Ecstatic Meal” available from their client Deliveroo. As you may have deduced from the title, it’s a play on the “Happy Meal” name but with a twist. Orders were fulfilled by MEATLiquor in Kings Cross so the food was awesome. There was a Dead Hippie Burger, with hash browns, a drink and either a “man-eating-shark” stress toy or a “squidgy unicorn poop” toy (I mean, OBVIOUSLY.) All of this was packaged in a box with some awesome artwork that made it look incredible.

Our job was to head to the MEATLiquor store and hour before it opened and produce some on-location product photography of the food and the Ecstatic Meal in it’s entirety. With help from Hope & Glory staff, and the MEATLiquor kitchen, we styled and positioned the products to make them look their best. With limited time, we had to work quickly and get the client a range of shots to choose from as quickly as possible. Effectively, we turned a restaurant into a studio and spent a little over an hour photographing the products in different ways, from different angles and with and without certain pieces.

Once the shoot had finished, we loaded the images onto the laptop and started making the selections with the client. Once we’d picked the images we were happy with, we took them away, edited them and delivered the final versions the same day. This allowed the PR team at Hope & Glory to draft a story and sell it into the media on the day of the promotion.

Content for this was fairly far-reaching, with images featuring across social media, in print and on digital publications. There were pieces across the Evening Standard, The Sun, Daily Mirror, TimeOut, Eater, Shortlist, and a few others.

About Hope & Glory

Few clients are better to work with than Hope & Glory PR. Their creativity and knowledge of PR is simply astounding. They have a wealth of great clients and they’re simply brilliant at what they do. We have worked with them on a host of projects for the likes of Sony Cameras, Sony Audio, Sony Mobile, Deliveroo, Opodo, Argos and even The Pokemon Company.

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