Our New Home! Prime Creative Moves To Shoreditch

By Callum McInerney-Riley

How Our Business Grew

A little over three years ago, the name “prime creative” was conceived. Although, not much changed within the business, the change of name represented quite a lot. It the first step from our founder, Callum, as a freelancers into a business. From a single person, to a brand that represented those same values. A shift in mindset, and the way we operate but still sticking true to our core values. 

The first official job as "Prime Creative" a shoot with Gogglebox's legendary power-couple, Steph & Dom.

This month (July) we celebrate our first year as a limited company and with three years of work and experience under our belts, we can look back at a host of content we have created for some incredible brands. 

Three years ago, when Winston & Callum took on the first of a series of projects for Canon UK – when it started to get serious!

Over the last three years we’ve slowly scaled up the business at a rate that’s comfortable, in order for us to maintain the high standards which we’ve set ourselves. Finding quality photographer, videographers, editors and writers is certainly challenging, so we’ve had to build those guys and girls into the team gradually. 

From Essex to Shoreditch

Thanks to our amazing clients, we have come a significant way in such a short period of time. Over the last year or two, we’ve really felt we’ve started to outgrow our little office/studio in Harlow, Essex – the place where it all began. Although we are still keeping the studio in Essex, it’s now time to find a new home for our client meetings and business operations. After a little deliberation, we knew we needed to be in London and central London sounded about the best. For us, it’s where all the magic happens! 

Our little product studio in Harlow, Essex as seen in Amateur Photographer Magazine

A few trips around various spaces, found us get rather excited about the Shoreditch area in general. It’s forgivable for saying it’s the hipster capital of the UK… if not the world… but it’s a buzzing community of creative people. People who enjoy being vegan environmentalists, wearing ill fitting beanie hats, drinking craft beer made in a bath tub in North London, have extravagant moustaches, ride single gear fixie bikes, have undoubtedly had a gap year to find themselves and have preferences for single origin coffee...

But… we LOVE creative people! 

Finding Mindspace

When we looked at a few offices, we were quite impressed with some of them. Especially, the community feel of places like We Work in Shoreditch. However, when we stepped into the newly opened MindSpace in Shoreditch we knew this place would be a good fit. We could see straight away it was in an environment where our business could blossom. Mindspace was the perfect location to hold meetings for clients and collaborate with other businesses. The space itself it super impressive! It’s spread across two floors with glass offices, swanky meeting rooms, charming communal area, plus all coffee we could ever need (appreciated greatly on the early starts and late nights!) There’s also free beer, regular parties and events too. It’s got everything you could need.

“Yo, where you at?”

Prime Creative At Mindspace Shoreditch

Just 4 min walk from London Liverpool Street, it is an amazing location to be in. Our exact address is 9 Appold St, London, EC2A 2AP if you’re curious. 

Why MindSpace

FOOD! Shoreditch is one of London’s hotspots for art, culture, fashion and the best part FOOD – This one was important to us well, because a guy's gotta eat! We’re just around the corner from spitalfields market which has one of the most incredible lunch markets you’re ever likely to see in your life. Every food you can imagine from every corner of the globe all in a single place

A fully loaded croissant like you've never seen before!

This week’s favourite is Mr Bombay Food Truck. 

A beautiful work environment

This should come before food, right? Maybe we’re just hungry. IDK.

But, the MindSpace space is such a great work environment. There’s everything you could need in the office and it’s free from distractions. It’s a fantastic, open space with private rooms to allow people to work in isolation. You have large meeting rooms with screens, designated booths to take phone calls, a bar which is great for having chats, sofas and chairs. Everything you could need to get your work done depending on how you feel. 

It’s Dog Friendly

Lets not forget to mention its dog friendly, what better way to destress at work that with than with your loyal office doggo (we know who getting the first employee of the month!)

We couldn’t wait to move in and start our next chapter! 

Super Fast Internet

Unfortunately, “business professional” WiFi usually just means you get a more expensive bill at the end of the month when compared to your regular home broadband. Let’s face it, these companies, and the wiring around a lot of towns and cities is simply awful. Thankfully, now we’re in Mindspace Shoreditch, our days of uploads taking what feels like an eternity are over! Hey, it’s a little thing, but super fast WiFi means we can upload video content and photography work in seconds which means super fast turnaround times

Regular Events

Crepes for breakfast – everyone in the office LOVED it!

Each week, Mindspace hosts different events to help us all unwind a little. So far, we would have to say wine tasting evening and the Italian themed prosecco/moretti night has been a firm favourite. However, the girls may argue that getting their nails done during work is welcomed break even on the busiest days! We’re yet to bust out the yoga mats for the weekly yoga sessions but you never know.

24 Hour Access

Let’s just say, Mindspace is a great place to chill while an Uber comes to takes your drunk self home at 3am. IF NEEDED. 

Got a project in mind?

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