Project: AirSelfie – The Drone For Selfie Lovers

By Callum McInerney-Riley

Project: AirSelfie – The Drone For Selfie Lovers 

One of the perks of being a journalist is being invited to weird and wonderful events. One such event I was invited to was held at Hope & Glory’s office near Kings Cross in London. We were asked to come down and do a little report on behalf of Amateur Photographer Magazine on a new product. 

The product? A tiny little drone that’s intended for people who want to shoot selfies. A great idea for those going on holiday that want to shoot a nice group photo but don’t have arms like Mr. Tickle – or own a selfie stick I guess? 

Look at the size of thing thing! It’s tiny. Naturally, we ditches CMS/Inches or whatever and went for a more universally understood scale how big it is in comparison to a selection of biscuits.

Since making this video, there’s been an update to the product with an AirSelfie 2 available soon. 

While I didn’t get to properly test the drone out, other than having a play with it in the office, I do think it’s a good idea that has great potential. I can see a lot of people that would love something like this especially if the images look good and it’s as portable as the AirSelfie Version 1. 

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